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Willow Tree Primary School

willow tree

Willow Tree Primary School in Salford has now become Heart Safe, thanks to the joint funding of Hand on Heart Charity and Lancashire County Council, Langworthy and Ordsall Ward! 


Inspired by Hand on Heart’s goals, LCC has committed to helping Hand on Heart create more Heart Safe schools in their local area. To achieve this, they have released funds to half fund Defibrillator Packages for schools in the local area, with Hand on Heart funding the remaining cost. Willow Tree primary is now the latest school within the Salford Campaign to be made Heart Safe! 

Along with this the school has chosen to purchase additional training to go alongside their defibrillator, this means 30 pupils will be trained in CPR and Basic Life Support and 8 members of staff with receive AED training.

Hand on Heart Charity is pleased to have LCC’s support and create more Heart Safe communities throughout the UK.