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At the moment the charity is inactive due to the covid 19 pandemic. If you are waiting on the delivery of a defib or consumable and haven’t heard from us , please email us on info@handonheart.org.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Heartfelt Thanks for Wellington’s Fundraising Success!

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Yesterday, Hand on Heart Chairman David Howarth and Fundraising Manager Gina Harris travelled to Wellington School in Ayr, Scotland, for a very special and incredible event.


Wellington School chose to support Hand on Heart charity after a student collapsed from Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the weekend away from school, thankfully the student survived and is able to attend the school again on a part time basis. After this event the school raised funds to purchase a life-saving defibrillator to have on school premises, and decided to take the fundraising one step further and support Hand on Heart charity for a whole year and fundraise to help equip even more schools in the UK with an AED which is the only definitive treatment to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Wellington School invited Hand on Heart for the unveiling of the total of their fundraising and to present the charity with a cheque which was the results of almost 12 months of fundraising from Golf Days to Christmas Fairs and Sponsored Fun Runs.

Upon arriving at the school, both David and Gina were able to meet the teachers and students behind the drive of the fundraising which was a great opportunity for both parties. To see how passionate the students were about raising money for such a worthy cause was incredibly humbling and a pleasure to see just how invested they were in the aims of the charity.

After nearly 12 months of fundraising, Wellington School were able to give Hand on Heart Charity a cheque for £31,383.87 which is an OUTSTANDING amount and an incredible achievement for the school to reach such a large sum.

The money raised will go towards funding life-saving defibrillators and training to schools across the UK, helping to make Heart Safe environments and raising awareness of SCA in the young. Through this, our aim is to help reduce the shocking statistics which see’s 12 young people dying each week due to SCA, of these 270 die at school.

Hand on Heart are so unbelievably grateful to Wellington School for all of their support and hard work in helping the charity achieve their goals and making school environments a safer place for all.

Hand on Heart Chairman David Howarth said; “Being able to come to the school and meet all of the teachers and students which have made this phenomenal fundraising happen has been an absolute joy and privilege. Myself and the charity are incredibly grateful to all involved who have helped fund this amazing amount to create more Heart Safe environments, we’re extremely excited to get started and equipping more schools across the UK with the life-saving devices. It’s just such an overwhelming feeling to come to the school and receive such genuine support and kindness for our goals.”

Hand on Heart would like to send a heartfelt thanks again to Wellington School for their fantastic and on-going support; their efforts have been inspiring and will make a huge difference to so many schools nationwide.