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At the moment the charity is inactive due to the covid 19 pandemic. If you are waiting on the delivery of a defib or consumable and haven’t heard from us , please email us on info@handonheart.org.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Volunteer Trustee

Volunteer Trustee


Reports to
Chair of the Board and Trustees

Role Purpose
To work in partnership with other Trustees to govern the charity; directing the responsibility for the operational aspects to the charity staff who will report directly to the Board.

Key Responsibilities

  • To offer knowledge, skill, insight and/or experience to the charity in furtherance of its aims
  • To ensure the charity complies with its governing documents and legislation
  • To contribute actively to strategic direction of the charity; defining objectives and targets, and monitoring and evaluating performance against them
  • To take responsibility cumulatively as a Board, for the sustainability, solvency, effectiveness and growth of the charity.
  • To act as an ambassador for the charity
  • To demonstrate willingness to develop as a Trustee, through engagement with the Board and the charity staff and participate in on-going training


  • A capacity for clear, strategic thinking
  • A commitment to devote the necessary time and effort to ensure effective trustee representation which will fluctuate depending on the needs of the charity
  • A willingness to develop as a Trustee, including the legal duties and responsibilities

Time Commitment

We are seeking high-calibre volunteers who can bring commitment and specific skills, knowledge or experience to the Board.  The physical commitment isn’t onerous as meetings are held 6 times per year, with some of these being remote meetings.  However, you will be required to be active in your participation through email discussions, telephone support and the study of various documents each month.

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