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High Lawn Primary School

high lawn

High Lawn Primary School has become Heart Safe thanks to the fundraising efforts of Laura Holt, Paul Holt, Rebecca Davies and Mark Carroll!


As a team, the group embarked on a sponsored bike ride from Bolton to Blackpool with the goal of raising enough funds to put a defibrillator into their local school.

Raising an incredible £942 the school covered the remainder of the cost to be able to purchase a Gold Defibrillator Package from Hand on Heart Charity.

With the Gold Package, the school receives a little Anne training doll, a rescue kit, a wall bracket, and much more along with the life-saving defibrillator to ensure they can learn in a Heart Safe environment.

Laura Holt and her fellow fundraisers were over the moon they were able to equip High Lawn with a life-saving defibrillator, as they’re aware of just how high the risk of SCA is in the young and  just how vital defibrillators are to have in schools.