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Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us

Our vision is ambitious. To succeed, we need a whole range of people – both
volunteers and employees – to be our eyes and ears, our voice and our hands.

Hand on Heart is committed to ensuring that volunteers are an integral part of the charity and feel engaged and supported in the development, progress and future plans of all our work across the UK. We recognise that all volunteers have a specific reason for volunteering. This may be because they are passionate about the cause, they are looking to gain work skills, are only available for limited hours, feel too energetic for a retired lifestyle or many other reasons. We pledge that whatever your reasons for volunteering are; we will support you to achieve those goals. We take recruitment seriously and will want to see you in person for a relaxed interview. We will ensure that we train you for any activity we ask you to get involved in and give you support throughout. We offer 1 to 1 sessions to enable you to feedback to us and a progress plan for anyone who wishes to have one.

We do not have any limits on the minimum or maximum hours you need to volunteer for and are grateful for your expertise, experience or raw enthusiasm


Predominantly, we seek volunteers in 4 different areas. These are:

Events Volunteer

Are you sociable? Do you like being part of a team?
Can you turn your hand to any event?

This might be just the role for you. We have many events ranging from bucket collections, bag packing, coin counting, stalls at summer fairs and many more. By giving a couple of hours of your time at some of these events, usually alongside other volunteers, we can raise funds for defibrillators and raise awareness of Hand on Heart.


Are you outgoing? Are you a born organiser? Would
you like to plan your own fundraising events?

This might be just the role for you. Some of our volunteers work with friends or colleagues to raise funds for Hand on Heart through organising their own activities and events. We can offer support, resources, encouragement and publicity for you. It may be that you can encourage your employer to become a corporate partner with us and the company may be able to offer time, expertise, fundraising or sponsorship.

Admin Volunteer

Are you confident in the office environment? Can
you use a computer? Do you like being inside?

This might be just the role for you. We are always keen to enlist support with the backroom function of the charity which includes preparing training materials, writing letters, updating the website
and general office type duties. You would be working alongside the office based staff at Birchwood Park in Warrington


Are you interested in the strategic growth of Hand
on Heart? Can you inspire and challenge the
direction of the charity? Do you have business
expertise to share? Are you willing to take on a role with key responsibilities?

We would like to hear from you. Our Trustees are slightly different from the other volunteer roles in that you will need to commit to attend formal meetings twice a year, be part of teleconferencing
meetings every 2 months and commit to reading various reports and liaising with our Chief Executive on a monthly basis.

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