Heart Safe Community Campaigns

 Working in the community is something very close to our hearts which is why our campaigns are so important to us as a Charity. They help us to ensure we focus on creating Heart Safe environments in particular areas which will evolve into a Heart Safe community.

As a charity with a strong belief that charity really does begin at home, we began our first campaign in January 2013  which was the Salford Heart Safe Campaign. We focussed on helping Salford become one of the first Heart Safe communities in the UK and have so far created over 35 Heart Safe environment in that area alone.

Since then we have embarked on another campaign, with more to follow in the year. The tabs to the left can direct you to our active campaigns and also our current offers to tailor-made to particular areas of the UK. 

If you’re interested in working with Hand on Heart to start a campaign in your local community with the backing of your local council, please contact us on enquiries@handonheart.org