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Clarendon Road Primary School


Clarendon Road Primary is the latest Heart Safe School thanks to the donation of a life-saving defibrillator from Hand on Heart and Salford City Council!


Hand on Heart and Salford City Council, Eccles/Barton Ward – both partially funded a Defibrillator Package for the school, making them Heart Safe and equipped with everything they would need in an emergency situation! 

The package includes a life-saving AED along with accessories to make it as locatable and accesible as possible. As well as this the school will also receive AED training for 8 members of staff to help them become confident with handling the life-saving device!

Hand on Heart is thrilled to help a local school become Heart Safe and encourages other Salford Schools to get in touch to claim their FREE defib in conjunction with their Salford Heart Safe Campaign.