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At the moment the charity is inactive due to the covid 19 pandemic. If you are waiting on the delivery of a defib or consumable and haven’t heard from us , please email us on info@handonheart.org.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Blidworth Oaks Primary


Blidworth Oaks Primary School in Barnoldswick is the latest school to become equipped with a life-saving AED, fully funded by Hand on Heart!


Hand on Heart donated the package to the school to equip them with the life-saving device which is the only definitive treatment against Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Approximately 12 young people die each week due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest which is a number Hand on Heart are committed to reducing.

In addition to this, 8 members of staff at the school will recieve AED and CPR training to boost the confidence of school members who may have to use the device in an emergency situation.

Congratulations Blidworth Oaks Primaryl on becoming Heart Safe!