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Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College


Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College became a Heart Safe environment after receiving a Gold Defibrillator package as part of the Trafford Mayoral Campaign! Since this, the school has purchased an additional 2 defibs,  meaning their premises now have 3 life-saving defibrillators in total!


Blessed Thomas received a Gold Defibrillator Package from Hand on Heart Charity which means 30 pupils will get trained in Basic Life Support, and 8 members of staff will recieve AED training. Along with the training the school will receive a life-saving defibrillator, a rescue kit, a little Anne training doll and much more to ensure they can learn in a Heart Safe environment.

Hand on Heart’s Trafford Mayoral Campaign is a campaign to help the community of Trafford to become Heart Safe. To achieve this, Hand on Heart teamed up with Trafford Councillor Dylan Butt, who will ensure there is a defib in every hot spot across Trafford whilst Hand on Heart will provide a defibrillator package for every High School in Trafford which isn’t equipped with the life-saving device.