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About Us

About Us

Hand on Heart’s mission is to keep children safe and prevent the deaths of the 12 young people who die of sudden cardiac arrest each week in the UK.

In March 2010 Hand on Heart was established as a national campaign to raise awareness of cardiac arrest in the young and the need for defibrillators in schools.

Three of the defibrillator industry’s leading companies got together:

  • Imperative Training / defibshop – one of the UK’s leading distributors of defibrillators and providers of instructor led and online Health & Safety training
  • Laerdal Medical – international market leader in training and therapy equipment for lifesaving treatment
  • Philips Electronics – the world’s leading manufacturer of defibrillators

In January 2012 Hand on Heart became a standalone registered charity (No: 1145316), independent of the original partners, although still supported by them.

That initial combination of defibrillators, resuscitation equipment and trainers created a solid foundation for the charity we have today.
Hand on Heart has a mission to keep children safe and prevent the deaths of 12 young people who die of sudden cardiac arrest each week in the UK.

Our 3 aims are:

Raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, particularly in the young

Place defibrillators in schools and communities

Educate young people in Life Support Skills

Schools are so important to everyday life and having a defibrillator on the premises may not just save the lives of the students and staff but also parents, volunteers and residents within the local community.
To date, Hand on Heart has placed over 1118 defibrillator packages to schools and communities across the UK. We have trained over 7134 staff to use a defibrillator and taught over 21,520 children how to perform on basic life support.

Over the past 6 years the charity has successfully:

  • Gained national recognition
  • Received Lottery funding
  • Created Heart Safe campaign area’s in Salford, Trafford, Manchester and Kendal
  • Despatched over 1118 defibrillators to schools across the UK
  • More than 7134 staff have learned how to use a defibrillator
  • Basic Life Skills have been taught to more than 231,520 children
  • Successfully protect more than 314,300 hearts daily in schools across the UK that have defibs on site!

See the campaign areas that Hand on Heart cover!

Wigan & Leigh

If your school isn’t in one these areas, please don’t worry,
as we will try to help you too.
Call us to see how on 0845 071 0822

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